UEFI vs Legacy BIOS Boot | GPT vs MBR (DOS) | Explained

In this video, I go over the differences between UEFI vs Legacy BIOS Boot. This includes the differences between partition tables GPT vs MBR (DOS).

-Faster Boot
-Advanced Graphics
-Secure Boot
-Relys on EFI Partition
-Difficult to Install

-Support for Large Drives 2TB+
-Typically UEFI

Legacy Boot
-More compatibility
-Easier to setup
-Rely on a Bios Boot Flag
-Text Graphics

MBR (dos)
-Convert to GPT for UEFI
-Windows does not like MBR with UEFI
-2 TB / 4 partition Limit

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  1. Hi , I have a question, I got an old pc and I think This pc is original Legacy mode, But I installed Uefi in my pc and its works, is it okay having uefi rather than legacy mode which is the original one? And how to know what is the original type of boot in my pc???? Thanks for answer

  2. My hp laptop have this hard drive (3FO) error and said that it wont boot, tried the hard drive quick check (f2) then it said that it didnt pass. Then i tried enabling Legacy, now it can boot normally. How??

  3. i like the quality of your videos but you speak a very hard language it would've been better if you showed us some real stuff instead of just speaking of it

  4. There are legacy BIOS setups with graphics too 🙂

  5. Could you please call it Gooey not GUI I watch all your video and use constantly but I don't watch to learn anything. GUI is the devil. Thanks

  6. Hi, I installed Linux Lite 5.0 on my 10 year old dell studi 1555 (core 2 duo) and erased the windows 7 it came with.. now i thought of dual booting windows 10 with linux. I formatted my drive to NTFS using live linux boot and tried installing windows 10 ISO through bootable USB but on trying to boot from USB to install win 10 it gave me an *ERROR: Non-SYstem Disk or disk error. *. what should i do? I can boot into Linux live boot though but i need windows installed in dual boot

  7. Had watched this before but upon reviewing it again yesterday – heard you say the efi partition should be fat32. Boy was I screwing up! Was wanting to install FerenOS to play around with it, but installation kept erroring out. I had been trying to use ext2 and decided to give it one more shot with fat32. Guess what they say is true – "3rd time's the charm"!
    Thx for all you do. You have been my go-to guy in my very short (7 month) experience with Linux. Hope you and your family are keeping safe & sane in the current mess

  8. You make a great teacher Chris. I mean, I was actually having Grub issues after installing Linux on my Windows – I thought I should change to Legacy Boot and face whatever jargon comes off it but you laid it straight already. Thanks man.

  9. I have a bunch of lrgasy laptops and my windows 10 hdd dosent work with them

  10. Can I install Parrot OS on legacy boot ??

  11. I really need your opinion on this, I had win 10 installed in my SSD Hp laptop. for some reason I installed windows 7 after I converted my SSD to MBP and the boot to Legacy, after that, I update win 7 to win 10 but my bootloader and system do not look fast as before so I decided to convert again my SDD to GPU in order to have UEFI boot but I'm afraid to lose my data and windows activation, what I should use gppard method is so complicated and cmd MRPtoGPT I don't know if is safe.?? thanks in advance

  12. awesome video. please subscribe me back

  13. Fantastic video, I learned alot.

  14. Thanks for the video. I'd been away from Linux for about 10 years (other than running an Ubuntu server that needs little maintenance). I used to use Gentoo and there was a spare laptop at work (that the disk would be wiped on at some stage) and tried installing Gentoo on there. Got all the way through it and it wouldn't boot. If I'd seen this first it might have 🙂

  15. Chris what is pgp how to use . Why thos concept came in technology?

  16. by the way you eyes look ugly freak, we wanna se expalanation on pc monitor not on your scummy eyes

  17. If i have an HDD with 1TB i should use?

  18. Question, due for an upgrade to my at home 'workstation', but finding it hard to squeeze the trigger since I built my last PC in ..2012. .. Asus P9X79, i7-3930k OC 4.2GHz, 4×4 DDR3, and only thing I've upgraded was to SSDs, and a EVGA 1060 gpu with 6gb ram. Had major issues with UEFI after downloading some bad graphics driver about a year ago and hasn't run 100% ever since. U think I should drop a couple Grand on upgrading to a budget friendly modern setup or keep the 2010~ hardware and be happy I haven't had any major issues.

    I don't use it for gaming as I used to. Mainly personal work on it so I'll probably keep Win10 on it. Suits my needs when it works 😂 any opinions?

  19. Your videos are unnecessary lng I love your videos keep do what you doing

  20. And this is the easy to understand version? I'm going back to my cave now.

  21. Hello can you help me how to install win10, i have the problem says a media driver your computer is missing.this could be a dvd,usb or hard disk driver. Im using ryzen 3 gigabyte ga-a320m-s2h v2

  22. The general population didn’t understand half the words you just said. GPT,NBR? WTF!

  23. Is there any other reason to use UEFI other than having a pretty boot screen? Any performance gain on boot times? I'm coming from windows and I'm currently playing with mint and fedora on some 120gb ssd's using MBR. Because that's what I'm used to but I want to do what's best for linux.

  24. If you could answer this that would be awesome, Dell optiplex 9020. I have the option between uefi or legacy….currently on legacy with a fresh install of windows. Any reason I would want UEFI? Everyday use legacy or uefi?

  25. thanks for the great video. currently i am trying to uprade my PC by adding an additional 2Tb HDD (currently have 1Tb running), looking int o the specification of my desktop H50 lenovo it says the max it support is 2Tb,ideally i am looking to boot windows from the 1Tb HDD and linux using the 2Tb and using both at the same time, any suggestion if i am able to get this running and workaround or if i can tweak anything to get this working, BIOS i am runnig is IEKT33AUS and motherboard model SDK0J40709 WIN, thanks alot

  26. Sir, I need your help. I Have an New External SSD of 500Gb . I need to make 4 partitions with one as Linux bootable and other with bootable recovery softwares and third as backup for my laptops 128Gb internal SSD. Can you help with how can i get this done?
    Please need your help. Internet cldnt help me.

  27. Boy, I wish I'd stumbled upon this earlier. I spent two weeks trying to set up a dual boot system on my Windows 10 machine. I was missing the "alongside Windows" option and it drove me crazy. Didn't want to try "something else" for fear that Linux, unable to recognize Windows, would screw up that drive. I spent hours prowling the forums in search of a solution. In the end, it was simplicity itself: I'd been booting my Live USB from UEFI rather than from legacy bios. Once I finally got around to booting from legacy, the "alongside Windows" option reappeared and joy returned to Linux Land. Got a dual boot with Linux Mint and learned a little something along the way. Noobs, eh?

  28. I have laptop from 2011 and the company stop producing laptops so they stop bios updates and I don’t have uefi is there is way to install uefi to the system my device LG A410

  29. I was day dreaming when you explained . Keep it short and sweet..

  30. What happens if you disable secure boot and put on legacy boot sorry bad english

  31. How do you stop Linux from rebooting after you shutdown the computer? Also, how do you extends the the battery life? Is there a setting or command you can recommend for this?

  32. You could be more clear if you defined the technical terms. UEFI MBR , BOOT MGR, GPT, what do these abbreviations stand for? Do you know what these abbreviations stand for?This is a complex subject and through your efforts you have made it more difficult to understand. You know your subject well enough for your uses but not well enough to explain to anyone else. Your vocabulary is limited and you appear to struggle for the right word which is not available resulting in much detail being left out. To teach you must know your subject thoroughly and how to communicate in great detail. Good luck in your future en-devours.If you are going to make youtube videos take the time and the effort to be thorough and do it right, obviously you just barely understand the subject matter for your own needs but you are not yet proficient enough to explain to others. People like you give teachers a bad reputation. This has been a glorious waste of time.

  33. I've read somewhere that using legacy with mbr is much better for gaming?
    It is like, you will have better performance and incredibly lower latency or lower latency issues when deliberately compared to a UEFI with CSM..
    Can you enlighten me about this matter?

  34. Sir can you maybe help me to solve my problem?
    i have win 10 on one partition from SSD, on the second partition from the same SSD i wanted to install win 7 ( to have two OS), but it says "the disk ist GPT". So my question is, can i convert only the second partition to MBR (with the program EaseUS), and will i have access later to the second partition from win 10? and the main question is, will it affect on the first partition, I'm afraid the first OS (win10) won't work normally leter

  35. I'm restoring a 2005 computer and I get invalide partition table when I try to install Windows.

  36. IMPORTANT: Can you update drivers in the newer MXM 9 series like 980m nvidia GPU cards that you install WITHOUT moding inf files???
    Please answer

  37. Shame I didn't watch your videos on installing Linux, UEFI vs Legacy etc. My Gigabyte 970A-DS3P motherboards were a real pain in the… for installing dual boot Win7/Linux. Seems to work now but I could have done without the headaches.

  38. Interesting, I used to be quite competent at the original grub bootloader but grub2 is still a mystery. So I'm guessing the efi partition is mounted when booting so multiple OSs would have the same data in the /boot/efi folder when booted individually. Further guessing the efi partition needs an entry in the fstab file.

  39. boot partition is about 100 mb, 500mb partition is recovery partition

  40. Ya I just learned what The difference between legacy and UEFI is to day putting in a Hard drive that is 4G in to a dell optiplex 7010.

  41. can u please explain partition types? primary logical extended etc.

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