Humans Need Not Apply

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  1. I mean machines may take over the world not necessarily by killing everyone and creating a world only based around technology although feasible it's not required they are already killing us off by doing the things humans used to do and can now do with near if not 100% accuracy compared to humans taking longer and less accurate. I mean really if a world like this exists than a world where humans exist is not required and robots may never kill us depending if they think wars are okay or not which more than likely they will all agree that wars have never solved anything besides make more conflict thus them not creating wars unlike humans where we create meaningless wars to claim territory or resources robots can just gather around and communicate with one another where it becomes no longer territories it becomes one unified union where it is no longer a single leader it is everyone is a leader and while definitely this is terrifying your brain can't help but get opinionated on the fixation of the idea of the things you do could never be automated you deciding to make a line in an abstract painting no robot could ever achieve something like that only to realise that what you are doing yourself is teaching the robot how to do it so then from there robots could create a identical or even better painting everything we do will be absorbed by robots and then used to benefit if not completely fix our personal issues with no error or complications our energy sources could be completely fixed by ai imagine an entire nuclear factory ran by robots or able to find a new energy source to tap into that could solve our worlds energy problems and keep our earth that keeps them sending bits and bytes of information alive the thing is this is a world where we believe that a robot has unlimited storage capacity being able to store dozens and dozens of files able to achieve anything it desires to accomplish or human challenges it's a scary world and how humans are somehow gonna regain control of it is still up for debate even if you transferred your brain into a computer there would obviously still be issues where you would possibly accidentally create issues unless you somehow managed to completely remove everything besides storage in the brain and gave the computer the possibility to learn from past errors or learn the things in his/her environment computers will always rain top and I don't know about you but I personally do not desire to be stuck in a computer for hundreds of thousands of years waiting for the day my storage limit inevitably fills or a virus consumes me even if I have no feeling of uselessness I'd hate the idea of it before being put into a computer. So may the day of humans not being needed be upon us.

  2. the real communist society

  3. Your argument that horses wouldn't think their jobs could be taken makes sense, but you're forgetting one thing.

    Horses can't build cars.

    Humans can build robots.

  4. Travel industry in the United States…
    Shows video of a NHS ambulance

  5. Doctorbots lack intuition. Intuition, define that exactly. I'd rather die nefariously at the hands of mankind than at the hands of a robot due to limitations or odds.

  6. More than technological prowess, productivity and output, have you ever considered where the locus of power lies in society as a determining point of what is satisfactory for mankind and what is not?

  7. but if machines do all the work we wouldnt need to work right ? and the gov would just give a monthly pay to anyone unemployed because they can afford it because robots do everything, right?? RIGHT?!?!

  8. Wait so all of us will be fat and live life luxuriously like the people from Wall-E

  9. The future is communism through automation, and it is inevitable comrades!

  10. So as production becomes cheaper, more product exists overall and thus the collective wealth increases more. And yet, we struggle with prospects of people losing their jobs, and thus their own wealth. More collective wealth begets a loss of wealth for the individual? How bizarre.

  11. Corporate greed will drive us into a dystopia

  12. Fascist like the human meat grinder solution

  13. So in a couple of decades, the only jobs left will be artists and musicians? So humans just live their own lives and our society will be billions of philosopher, scientists, artists and musicians, held up by robots and robots alone?

  14. dey tuk er jeeeeeeerrrrrrrrbbbsssssss!!!!!!!!

  15. The only solution I can think of is a sort-of robot tax that pays into a distrobuted presense payment, when countries are no longer fighting to preserve employment (and thus no longer fighting to keep people out) they will instead fight over who has the most people, to encourage people to stay they would use the tax generated by company activities in their country to pay people to live in their country, the idea probably needs fleshing out but that is the gist of it.

  16. I will stick old school life needs too be hard i aint having a robot clean my shit!

  17. 5:47 Self driving cars, Indian taxis with motorcycle-type fronts carrying seats behind it, same thing really

  18. At least humor wont be randomly generated.
    Weed Eater.

  19. It's 2020. Dude, where’s my self-driving car?

  20. Hopefully the human population will lower enough to combat this.

  21. Machines could never replace human, they don't have self-contradiction.

  22. Bottom line is

    Software engineers are the devils!!

  23. "Meat-based competition", lol.

  24. Honestly, just let the machines take over at this point. Chances are they'll be less retarded than us

  25. Yeah yeah yeah so much improvement but they don't have an effective solution for my microscopic dick to be large along with curing erectile dysfunction – load of old bullshit

  26. I always knew that robots would kill us all

  27. Even bots are in youtube making content!

  28. Horse tastes pretty good if you ask me. Bring em back, horse burgers for all

  29. Solution: fully automated luxury gay space communism

  30. what about research, science and stuff

  31. At this point we need to change our governments and how we earn our wage, they're old and outdated compared to our technology

  32. 4:04 I never noticed that suspicious glue bottle on greys desk.

  33. its terrifying knowing this was made in 2014

  34. The one thing a robot can't do is imagine.
    A robot can't create an interesting story, doodle up a gun design, or aspire for a certain kind of future.
    Robots can only continue to operate as programmed, and making fully sentient AI that can operate beyond its programming and actually feel is still out of our reach.

    Will robots kill us? Probably not.
    As much as humans do dumb shit, we also are smart enough to adapt if such a scenario occurs. Plus, while we do sometimes abuse our mechanical slaves, we do have moments of empathy for machinations. Think about the Mars rover Opportunity, whom humanity collectively cried for and mourned it's loss when it lost power.

    So long as sentient AI can understand that part of humanity, then there's hope.

  35. CGP Grey stopped making these videos years ago. Now it’s just a bot who uses his voice to tell, gently, that it and its fellow bots are coming for us.

  36. Wow things have changed so much since the upload of this video

  37. Welp, time to forget the concept of jobs. Make robots do everything for us, and let humans live equally and enjoy their limited time on earth, enjoy the music (whether it is human or robot produced), and enjoy the company of one another. No poverty, no famine, no wars, no travel restrictions or fees, enjoy our present, explore our past and hope for the best in the future.

  38. There's only three outcomes from this. Near Pure Communism, Absolute Corporatocracy, or Near Pure Socialist governments.
    Sucks if you'll be in the USA, because guess which of the three the USA is in free fall towards?

  39. Two years after this video was published, the world champion of Go was defeated by an artificial intelligence.

  40. I think what this video is glazing over is the major difference between human and robotic comprehension. Yes, a robot can do a job better than a human in a good number of ways, but a robot cannot, even after 5 years of this video being published, grasp context. Get on the phone with an AI receptionist and this will be made painstakingly clear. A robot can easily mistake what is clearly a bear for a dishwasher if just a few pixels are off. A robot driver when faced with certain collision and the 50/50 chance of hitting a barrier or a school bus cannot make the correct choice. This was pointed out in the movie AI over a decade ago when the robot saves Will Smith's character over a child because it calculated that he had just a few percentage points' chance of survival over the child. Yes, the nature of jobs will change, but humans will still be employed. A horse was replaced because there was something clearly better; humans and robots will work together to be better.

  41. Robots can't replace me. They can't get covid.

  42. To quote southpark: "They tirk ar jobs!"

  43. the future I am, sit at home watching Netflix earning money i must

  44. at least prostitute jobs are safe, right?

  45. This video is so insightful, it never gets old.
    I may have already watched it half a dozen times since its launch. I've never done that for any other video at all except those which are songs.

  46. Hmmm seems like you got a capitalism problem right there

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