How To Download and Play Sudden Attack 2 – TUTORIAL (GAME SHUT DOWN)

How to download and play Sudden Attack 2 for NA EU OCE. This tutorial is up to date as of July 2016.

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Tutorial link:
Google, “obtain nexon korean account” (not linking just incase).

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Combat Arms IGN: TheRealUCD
Steam IGN: ucd


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  1. is it still working ???

  2. i tried to create an account but it says i need a korean number or my card info… i ain't gonna give it away thoooo
    is there any other way?

  3. Is anyone have this game downloaded? I need it to unpack it

  4. How can i download the game from europe ?

  5. lmao this is wolf team without the wolfs

  6. We need to pay to get the nexon korean account?

  7. so you cant play this game anymore?

  8. I hope this game will go under steam company so that I can play again. this was one of the best fps game in my life … gosh i cant believe it shutdown

  9. is this game still not in EU ?

  10. i hope this game will take up with steamcommunity ! hopefully

  11. Ok , idk what happend but please could you tell me if the game still exist or not ?

  12. Is it still possible to play this in SP? Perhaps against bots?

  13. I really dont know need a phone number

  14. how can I download it if that is shutting down

  15. how about the person don't have koren nexon account

  16. is SA2 gonna release in malaysia or SA2 already Shutdown??

  17. Why was the game shutdown? Copyrights..? Or..?

  18. its 4 free? 100%?

  19. I've got a problem when you enter the game comes up a problem documented account that follow Courrier card or something like Korean or No. I do not know what to do

  20. did you bought the korean nexon account? is the web trustable? am from aus

  21. This is such a great tutorial

  22. Can u play the game with a joystick?

  23. this game is bullshit ..taking like 2 hours to install then suddenly need to pay for creating new acc…so funny

  24. This lost to Overwatch so badly in its home country that Nexon closed it lol!

  25. did you had to pay to play this game after signing up?

  26. Hello you have access to play this game Latinos or have to change my IP to play ???

  27. Well i now own a SA 2 account and they are closing lol GG.

  28. Guys don't bother making an account for SA2. The game will shut down on 29 september

  29. WTF I HAVE TO PAY To get a korean acct?

  30. Can you do a video about how to download and play line of sight thanks 🙂 I've been trying to play this for 2 years

  31. hey! you can give you handphone number ?

  32. It's just giving me some error!

  33. I have to pay so i could play a free game

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