GET WINDOWS 8.1 FREE 2019/2020

This video shows a COMPLETE guide on how to get Windows 8.1 from scratch for FREE!
This method will require you to have at least 8 GB of USB flash drive
No pesky windows hack tool downloads are included so this is 100% SAFE
Just follow the instructions correctly and you should have 0 problems

*The bonus step is optional and you are not required to do so*

Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File)

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

ei.cfg (copy & paste)

activate.cmd (copy & paste)

Au5 – Crossroad (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
Julian Calor & Aiobahn – Time


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  1. It's fucking 100% works man.. salute you..🙏🙏🙏

  2. my flash drive is only 2gb rip

  3. What to do if it asks me for a product key??? HELP!!!

  4. Bhi apna number de do windows ke lye he bat karne ha

  5. There is not any issue after installing

  6. Love u so much bro 😍

  7. Bhi product key kya ha

  8. Thanks buddy
    It really worked 😊

  9. there’s no skip product key option for me?

  10. Thanks alot… it really helped me to install windows8.1 in my pc.

  11. can we update the windows?

  12. hey I have window 8 and I followed these steps to update from window 8 to window 8.1.. I have a question before installing this..the whole important data in my computer ..Will this deleted or not?'s really imp..plz help me..I don't wanna take risk of deleting this

  13. u the best man!thank u so much!!!

  14. I love you brother. You are amazing. Looking for further help in the future.

  15. After windows setup it restart and turn back to select language of windows 8 and so on what can i do

  16. im gonna paste the activate.cmd on command prompt??????edit i gget it now 😉

  17. Hello, can you get updates. Or will Microsoft find out if you update?

  18. I have a question…all my files will be deleted?

  19. hi, i have a problem. After I shut down the laptop and turn on, it didn't send me to the booting area, im still stuck with windows 8 help

  20. Hey! you are great loved that video and it worked 100% 😘😘😘

  21. thank very much bro i appreciate is work well

  22. what version of windows 8.1 is this?

  23. Luv u man u saved my time as well as ram usage.XD

  24. why my laptop wifi is not working?

  25. Hi! I need a help from 4:19 did you enter or exit after seeing usb-hdd??? I’ll wait for your respond and thank you.

  26. I cannot making a new one Windows

  27. Bro it's asking for product key

  28. Is it powerful for viruses?

  29. Thank you XeQT it helps a lot…i did it with my windows server 2012 r2 i use 64 bit and now my pc can use wireless adapter…..ciao 😀

  30. i have a question though, how i can i easily download a good driver for my dell laptop x. x

    i had nvidia nvs 3100m installed before i upgraded windows and now i dont have any driver besides the 32 default

  31. guys i can confirm i am on windows 8.1 after i watched dis video 🙂

  32. if i install will it be faster??

  33. bro mine is compac old laptop

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