DO OR DIE! – NaVi vs MAD Lions – DreamHack Masters – BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

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DO OR DIE! – NaVi vs MAD Lions – DreamHack Masters – BEST MOMENTS | CSGO
Twitch recap is the video where all the the best CS:GO clips, best moments, pro highlights, twitch highlights, ксго, ксго лучшие моменты stream highlights collected in one place. In this video you can find compilation of best ace, clutch, 200iq play made by top players of csgo scene such as s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, device, fallen, scream, kennys, симпл, shox and many others. Also you can find best moments from the matches of tier 1 teams like Liquid, NaVi, нави, Astralis, MIBR, FaZe Clan, NIP, Fnatic, Vitality, G2, Ence, Mousesports, EG, 100 thieves.


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  1. What happened to the sponsors

  2. Still waiting when s1mple got nerf



  5. Damn, that simple guy is good, he should consider to go pro

  6. that first map was a good old simple show

  7. Noob level censor

  8. This was actually insane , 37 kills in 21 rounds ,the other 40+ frags matches all were played till 30 rounds or atleast 25+ ,if this was a 30 round match , s1mple would be on 45 frags atleast in one map 😂

  9. What is the black strip on the players shirt ?

    Is it blacklivesmatter ?

  10. They r just furious over their loss against G2 nothing more nothing less….. still s1mple shows god like performance sometimes whereas KennyS he never fails to impress us

  11. why is there a black bar on their shirt

  12. Ok Now I understand Why everyone calls S1mple the best player.

  13. s1mple…There's nothing left to do but laugh XD

  14. Ratings after first map
    Simple – 2.77
    Mad lions combined – 2.81

  15. Bruh… Did I really missed this match?, fvck, i would like to have seen it live:C

  16. 8:13: Ooh but bybzki xposaoidas
    That Caster xD

  17. s1mple stats is better on online tournament than in fpl lol


  19. damn cant be blocking the player's sponsors, that's scummy.

  20. I still remember a comment from that I gave about two weeks ago how good is S1mple. And somebody responded that not everything is in the stats. To that person I will tell this. Pick your eyes out and go practice some CSGO.

  21. Why can’t they show 1x bet

  22. 37 kills on 1st map that's the s1mple we know!

  23. After 4 loses in a row they finally win wow

  24. Kankalar formalardaki sponsor isimlerini neden kapatiyolar artik bilgisi olan var mi?

  25. i dont understand this guys, s1mple 1vs5 omg omgg wowww, or s1mple and electronic carrying, the most of kills get Perfecto Flamie and Boombl4 too

  26. Can navi still go to the rio major?

  27. I don't get why S1mple swapped the vice gloves for the Pandora's boxes. Those gloves were clean af

  28. Considering how good and consistent electronic and flamie have been on Navi ever since they joined. They don't get enough credit

  29. 160 adr in a whole game vs some of the best players in the world and 37 kills in a blowout win in reg….. wow

  30. Rating2.0
    S1mple : 2.77 take it or leave it

  31. Go and watch the full match cause there were a lot of absolute sick highlights like s1mple 3k on Tside pistol was sick..etc

  32. 37 kills in 21 rounds, is this a record of kills per round?

  33. The legendary Sasha doing S1mple things

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