CONAN EXILES – Getting Started! – EP01 (Gameplay)

An open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian! Survive in a hostile world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in both single and multiplayer!

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  1. There have been a bunch of changes to the game since this video. I've started a new season! Catch the first episode here:

  2. Omg Dude, you are so funny.

  3. Thanks you for gameplay.Saved my wallet,it is a horrible game

  4. is it a single player game? or online game?

  5. Pretty good stuff. When I compare my Video "Conan exiles Beginnersguide" with this It looks like a different playstyle did a lot of difference.
    Do you think different Races will also affect the gameplay?

  6. you can cheat and lvl fast and unlock everything

  7. So their level up system is SAVAGES huh?

  8. Reminds me of Demon's Souls.

  9. "oh that's just the twine being made"

  10. To get thralls (slaves) you need a wheel of pain first, and I recommend you look up how to do it or ask a friend how, first

  11. Yes there are structures that are part of the environment such as camps with those HUGE camp fires.

  12. On the Conan exiles website you can join and make clans

  13. The drawback of Conan Exiles IMO is the first person view. You just see the weapon in your hands while you hit, dig or scrape, that's it. AoC on the other hand is a 3d. person view and that's great.

  14. “There’s nothing in him.”

  15. how to use sword and shield in First Person View ?

  16. so i am watching back after seeing the newer seasons… gotta say it is lovely to see how the friendship with johnbane started xD

  17. Crom laughs at the creators who made this game

  18. Hi guys. i know this video is kinda old…but I got a question. Will it run on my Intel Core I3 @1.7GHz 4 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics Integrated?

  19. How fun is this game? I just bought it and I have other games but I wanna get into this one it seems promising and the back cover looks like this game can be really good

  20. Are you looking for a relaxed server to make your new home? (PC) Lewd, Prison for the wicked (Adult) PVE RP

  21. why are u not a fan of the strafe? noob?

  22. The hole 34 minutes off this game play waste of time to explaining what you basically see or hear or do

  23. Stygian: Stih-jee-an
    Crom: Krahm

    Huge Conan fan considering a purchase, and Im 80 seconds in having a stroke over mispronunciations. I need to get my priorities straight.

  24. this graphic engine is worse than fallout 76

  25. Use a hachet to harvest the turtles .

  26. At least you've meet good peoples in this game.. unlike any online games the people were toxic 😂

  27. Swordplay is not good. Where did you learn swordplay was good?

  28. Its just rebranded ark. Such a bad game

  29. conan: we have the shortest wait before you can eat food again
    Skyrim: hold my beer

  30. should i go down this path (shrieks and screams) well thats not good

  31. This looks like ARK: Survival Evolved but different setting. Looks just as clunky too.

  32. I ones get crapped on a statue

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