Best Of Hans Sama – The French AD Carry | League Of Legends

Best Of Hans Sama; A Montage of MSF Hans Sama featuring his best plays and funniest moments!

Track name: Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson (Refeci Remix)
Video Link:

Track name: Clean Bandit – Symphony ft. Zara Larsson (Mojos Remix)
Video Link:

Looking through the description now? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


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  1. Best Of Hans sama! Hope you guys enjoyed! WHO'S NEXT?

  2. I thought he was the new hope for EU. It’s sad how MSF underperformed in 2018 and 2019. Looking forward to see them make worlds in 2020

  3. Bro listen this ad carry is actually clean but there is no way to compare him with any other famous ad carry.

  4. I thought he is Korean lol


  6. This guy stolen Levi's girlfriend

  7. didnt like hans sama before this video.
    now i love him 😅😂

  8. el messi del LOL jaja un crack

  9. zdraveite bulgari gledashti tova klipche

  10. whats the first song's name?pls:(

  11. For foreigners do not know, this young hans sama is the band lover of Levi is the jungle of the team 100T Levi that

  12. Hans im don't like you, because girl friend levi

  13. Hans sama might be levi lover (((=

  14. Tại vì thằng này mà levi @@

  15. Thằng cướp bồ Levi đây mà :))

  16. I swear to god this lcs play like a bronze rank and this smma is a hooker in Vietnam lol

  17. He is French ver of "Tran Thanh"

  18. he has stolen biggest baron of Levi – Lieu Ngoc

  19. i just came here to tell you he is kiting by mouse, not attack-move lol

  20. he was challenger 14 years old in s4

  21. Que dice Rekkles de Hans sama(? :,v

  22. 😉 bạn trai của con bồ levi à 🙂

  23. hansama steal levi girl friend

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